A Youth Flotilla is Born

This summer (2011) international youth activists in Athens, Greece — some of whom involved in Freedom Flotilla II and some of whom involved in local Greek uprisings against unprecedented government austerity measures destroying the public sector, got together and formed an international youth alliance serving both their causes for justice, from civil society to civil society.

From the fruit of their political imaginations came the initiative for international youth boats to Palestine (via Gaza’s coastline).  It is an effort to merge globally inclusive issues:  economic inequality affecting local populations everywhere (especially youth and workers) around the world with the increasingly crushing siege and unprecedented isolation of Palestine and Palestinians in which all world governments — led chiefly by the US and Israel — remain complicit.

The official domain (www.youthtogaza.org) has been reserved and is currently under construction. Please stay tuned to this ad hoc site as we build our support base for these direct actions for international justice.


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